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Suzuki Lessons

When children learn to talk, parents are involved in all aspects of their language acquisition process, from repeating words for them to imitate to providing loving encouragement. In the same way, parents are involved in the music learning process when following the "Mother-tongue" approach developed by Dr. Shinichi Suzuki more than sixty years ago. Parents attend their child's violin lesson and learn with the teacher how to create the right environment for learning at home, using the same basic principles of constant repetition.
Early beginnings are crucial for developing muscle coordination and mental processes. Listening to music and specifically to the pieces in the Suzuki books are especially important since aural development begins even before birth, while visual acuity develops later. The Suzuki approach is ideal since actual music reading begins after the basic principles of playing the instrument are acquired, just as learning to read is done after the native language is established. 
  • For ages 3 1/2 and older
  • Instructor Katie Ekberg

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