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Registration and Enrollment

Ways to Enroll:Violin Student

1. Download and submit the registration form or email mary.lechelt @mountcalvary.org
2. Online registration
3. By Phone (952-474-8893, ext. 111, 8am - 5pm) 
4. In Person at the:  
- Academy of Music office at Mount Calvary Lutheran Church, 301 County Road 19, Excelsior MN

Enrollment Terms

  • Fall 2023 lessons start September 7, 2023

Once we have received your registration, we will contact you to place your student with an instructor, and to determine a lesson day and time. To ensure placement with the most suitable instructor we will request information about the student's skill level and previous musical experience, stylistic preferences, objectives for studying, teaching styles best suited for the student, personal characteristics and scheduling preferences. If you already know which instructor you would like to study with, you may indicate this instructor on your registration form.

Payment Terms
Tuition payment and other fees under the selected payment plan are due prior to the student's first lesson. A non-refundable registration fee of $5 is due for each student along with tuition at the time of enrollment. Families with more than one student enrolled at the same time will receive a 5% discount on tuition for each student enrolled.

Private Lesson Tuition
Private 30-minute lessons are $36-$40-$44 per lesson, private 45-minute lessons are $54-$60-$64 per lesson, and private 60-minute lessons are $72-$80-$84. The higher lesson rate $40 (Tier 2) is charged for teachers with advanced degrees or extensive performance experience. The lesson rate $44 (Tier 3) is charged for Harp instruction. Charges for longer lessons are adjusted on a pro-rata basis. (See registration form.) Please call 952-474-8893, ext. 111 for specific teacher rates for private instruction. Please email mary.lechelt@mountcalvary.org for specific teacher rates for private instruction.

Group Lesson Tuition
Group lessons require instructor approval. Group lessons are offered at the following rates:

Groups of 2: Tier 1: $24.48/30mns per student Tier 2: $27.20/30mns per student
Groups of 3 or more: Tier 1: Tier 1: $18.00/30mns per student Tier 2: $20.00/30mns per student

Tuition is billed per term, based on the number of lessons in the term. Tuition does not include the cost of music. For students enrolling mid-term, tuition is based on the number of lessons remaining in the term plus the $5 registration fee.

Enrollment Parameters
Students are welcome to enroll at any time during a term.

Payment Options

  • Payment in full: Full term payment in cash, check or Visa/Mastercard prior to the first lesson.
  • Split Payment Plan: Families may elect to use a two-payment plan. There is an additional administrative split payment fee of $10 associated with this option. Fifty percent of your tuition is due at the time of enrollment, along with registration and split payment fees. Split payment will be accepted only by method of Visa/MasterCard. Please include your card member information on the registration form.
  • The second payment will be automatically applied to your card at the midpoint of the term.

Late Fees
A late fee of $10.00 will be added to any payment not received by their designated due date - this includes initial tuition payment as well as second half split payments.

Financial Aid
Mount Calvary's goal is to make lessons available to students regardless of financial situation. For more information on tuition assistance, please contact the Mount Calvary Academy of Music at 952-474-8893, ext. 111.

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