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Job Opportunities

The Music Academy offers an exceptional work environment with an important mission.

What are the benefits of working at the Academy?

Mount Calvary Academy of Music is a community music school that seeks to mentor students in musical skill and sensitivity as a means of personal development, creative expression and service. Both private lessons and ensemble settings are offered. Teachers are selected for professional competence and also for their interest in mentoring students and passion for music as a way of accessing, developing, and expressing the human spirit.

Academy instructors have the benefits of collegiality and collaboration working alongside other instructors that share similar interests and passions. Instructors are provided studio space for lessons complete with pianos and stands, with independence in choice of curriculum and setting teaching hours. Student recruiting, tuition processing, and payment collection is the responsibility of Academy Operations, freeing instructors from the time and expense of business operations. Students are required to commit to a schedule of lessons and instructors are paid for their teaching even if students are late with payment or miss a lesson - your time commitment is honored and you can count on your income. Excellent recital facility with grand piano and microphone available, as well as the added interest of multiple instrument disciplines at each recital.

Opportunities for performance in the community are arranged and available for all studios and students. As a non-profit 501(c)3, instructors are with an organization whose desire is to provide scholarship assistance to students in need. Mount Calvary Academy of Music is a place for any instructor to step in and enjoy their students with the full support of facility, organization, and community!

The Academy currently has opportunities for the following part-time positions:
  • Private Instructor of Piano

  • Private Instructor of Voice

For employment inquiries, contact:

Mary Lechelt, Director
Mount Calvary Academy of Music
301 County Rd 19, Excelsior MN 55331
952-474-8893, ext 111

Contact Us for more information.

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