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Recital StudentMount Calvary Academy of Music recitals and performances are opportunities for sharing musical gifts with the community and various service project settings. The purpose is to teach students to give and enrich the lives of others. Learning the skill of performance and dealing with performance anxiety is a valuable lifetime skill that can transfer over into many areas of public performance, including speaking and leadership. All performance opportunities are optional.

Offered at the conclusion of each semester, technical and artistic preparations during lessons provide students with the opportunity to develop confidence in public performance. The performances provide insight to the larger meaning of music and its potential as a means of communication and as a means for spiritual expression. All recital opportunities are optional.

Service Opportunities
This is an opportunity for solo and ensemble sharing of musical gifts in community service projects and in church worship settings. The purpose here is to teach students to give of their music to enrich the lives of others. These include community retirement home performances, local and community events. All service opportunities are optional.

Academy of Music at Mount Calvary             
Our private lessons mentor students in their skills and technique as a means of personal development. How our students choose to use their skills is a personal choice in the many venues of society. Playing in a worship service is a contextual experience of sharing your gift with the greater community gathered for a very purposeful meaning, different than concert or recital. This kind of service playing is a lifelong opportunity for musicians of all skill levels and faith denominations. Performing in worship services of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church is an excellent performance opportunity we are privileged to offer.
Music in worship is offered in many forms. To offer this variety of experience and numerous dates for participation, the following opportunities are offered for Mount Calvary Academy of Music students and instructors:
  • Prelude or Postlude
  • Liturgy
  • Congregational Song Leading Ensemble
  • Solo
  • Accompanist
  • Conductor
Salon "Salon":  a hall or exhibit for the exhibition of works of art
Salons are for students, their friends, and teachers only! Come hear and meet other Academy students taking lessons on your same instrument. Led by instructors, Salons are performance events to build peer relationships between studios and offer additional performance opportunities. Refreshments are provided, and performance feedback, listening skills, masterclass-style teaching are all subject to facilitating the instructor's plan!
Worship Services of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church 
Private lesson students of the Academy are welcome to play at a worship service of Mount Calvary Lutheran Church. Duets and ensembles are welcome. Inform your teacher if you are interested in this opportunity.
  • Fall and Spring: Sundays, 8am, 9am & 10:30am services, Saturdays, 5pm services
  • Summer: Sundays, 9am & 10:30am services, Saturdays, 5pm services
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